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What is Deezer?


Deezer is simply one of the music flowing services that make use of Internet based technology to deliver sound tracks directly to clients so that the need for downloading them will not arise. Deezer is giving its users the right

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What Deezer Premium+ will Offer you?


Deezer premium now referred to as the Deezer premium+ is the paid subscription provided by Deezer Company to entice users. Deezer premium attracts a particular amount of monthly payment. The bit given to all Deezer premium users is 320 kbps

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How Deezer works


Deezer functions just the same way like your middling streaming service. All you need is to generate a login detail you will use for all of your gadgets, and then choose one of the earlier mentioned platforms to start listening

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Deezer App gets CarPlay support for Paid Subscribers


Deezer app is you music streaming service with about six million subscribers. Deezer had rolled out support for the CarPlay platform of Apple. The CarPlay support service has free ad-supported as well as paid plans, but it was gathered that the CarPlay

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Deezer offers new Features for Non-Music Content

podcast-app-stitcher- talk-radio

Ironically, non-music content is the presently theater in the intense war for streaming-music domination. Deezer, a music streamer, had put an additional 20,000 new radio shows and podcasts to its Entertainment and News category. This had doubled its presence in

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GET for Deezer Launched


It can be time-consuming and highly costly to create an app so as to put into place an e-commerce. Time and cost are the major variables that act as hindrances in the adoption of e-commerce, for the mobile platforms, by

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