Deezer App gets CarPlay support for Paid Subscribers

Deezer App gets CarPlay support for Paid Subscribers

Deezer app is you music streaming service with about six million subscribers. Deezer had rolled out support for the CarPlay platform of Apple. The CarPlay support service has free ad-supported as well as paid plans, but it was gathered that the CarPlay feature will be limited to the Elite and Premium+ paid subscribers.

Deezer Premium+ : This is the Deezer paid monthly plan that takes away advertising and includes a few features.

Deezer Elite : This is an upgraded plan with high definition audio and it is currently designed for just the Sonos users.

About CarPlay

CarPlay makes use of incorporated dashboards on modern cars to make the use of your iPhone for messages, calls, and music trouble-free and easily accessible. With the latest update for iOS app, you can now use Deezer on CarPlay.

You can listen to all your favorite playlists, artists, albums, and songs, access your music in offline mode, use Flow to find the latest music and hear your favorites, and select a Mix channel, depending on your mood. You can like or hate songs on the CarPlay player easily with Flow – an auto-play radio, depending on your music tastes. A track Flow enhances its suggestions each time you like or dislike a track.

Features of Deezer app for CarPlay

  • Right of entry to your music in offline mode
  •  Listen to tracks, playlists and albums
  • Make use of Flow to find latest music or hear your favorites depending on your  individual listening behavior
  • Listen to one of the many available Deezer Mixes to go well with your mood

Deezer has about 40,000 podcasts and 35 millions songs and it is available in 180 countries. Deezer service is at present available for only Cricket Wireless subscribers, Bose and Sonos customers in the US.

Both Elite and Premium+ listeners now have greater flexibility and ease to listen to all their favorite songs via CarPlay in such a manner that lets you keep your hands on the wheelyou’re your eyes on the road, with Deezer on CarPlay. Music listeners can now access the 35 Million Deezer music catalogue without a glitch anywhere they are.

You can get the update for CarPlay support for free on the Apple App Store and is well-matched with iOS 7.1 or higher.

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