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Deezer’s potential to grow BIG in the US

Deezer has been very well known outside of the US for a long time now. Although the streaming service is very popular and widely used by more than 6 million users in many parts of the world other than the

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Download Deezer Apk for Android

Download Deezer Apk for Android now. This streaming app is available for three platforms which are Web player, Windows, and Mac desktop. Deezer application is a top app when it comes to streaming of music, with over millions of songs

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Deezer collaboration with Amazon Alexa

The notorious music streaming app, Deezer, is exerting a lot of effort collaborating with new parties to introduce its customers with a wide variety of services. By the start of March, Deezer announced its collaboration with “Amazon Alexa” – which

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Deezer New Music & Xbox & Games Feature

The idea of combining music and games has recently become very appealing to multiple international and local companies that it has prompt many operators and sponsors to combine both of the features. However, Deezer recently announced the release of a

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Deezer Vs Github

Although all of the included parties in the music industry have suffered in one way or another from copyrights piracy, most of them have been focusing on sites that hack and copy their creations and offer it unlawfully for users.

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French retailer Fnac proclaims strategic collaboration with Deezer


The French entertainment retailer Fnac has proclaimed a ‚Äústrategic collaboration‚ÄĚ with the streaming service provider Deezer, which is good news for everyone. Well, it just gives one notion that Deezer still exists, so in this way, it is good news.

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