Deezer collaboration with Amazon Alexa

Deezer collaboration with Amazon Alexa

The notorious music streaming app, Deezer, is exerting a lot of effort collaborating with new parties to introduce its customers with a wide variety of services. By the start of March, Deezer announced its collaboration with “Amazon Alexa” – which means an extra ability to respond to vocal orders via and device supporting Alexa. “Amazon Alexa” adds a new flavor to Deezer, for a lot of features are available through it.

For instance, you can ask Alexa to update your library with whatever new song you’ve never heard of before. Besides, you ask the Alexa voice service to play songs that go with your current mood.

“Alexa” typically responds to simple requests which provide Deezer users musical indulgences. You can plainly ask Alexa to play your favorite artist, genre, album, on Deezer; the voice feature will respond immediately.

Deezer’s Amazon Alexa is available in most of the countries in Europe, North America and all of the regions supporting the app. To be able to control your music choices with only your voice whilst enjoying your usual gaming session is indeed a luring experience of convenience.

Deezer is taking yet another step towards combining the worlds of music and gaming into one formula; and not to forget that all it takes is simple commands – thanks to Amazon Alexa – to play, pause, stop, search, your personal music playlists.

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