Deezer Podcasts and Talk Radio Updated

Deezer Podcasts and Talk Radio Updated

Deezer expands Podcasts and Talk Radio to Bolster its streaming library. After swiping Stitcher, a podcast company, around the end of 2014; earlier this year, Deezer App added the listening material on its own service. Currently, the library of the streaming option is filling out. More features have also been added so as to make the experience of the users experience somewhat more enjoyable.

Deezer’s talk radio

The lineup of talk radio shows and podcasts for Deezer currently totals to 40,000. This has doubled the previous tally. It comes with the addition of 20,000 talk radio and podcasts that were nabbed from Stitcher. The shows’ library incorporate programming such as CBS News and NPR with some sports coverage from TalkSport (in Germany and the UK) and so on. Moreover, the Deezer app has got some new tools and features for listening podcasts. There are sharing options and playlists now. There is also an offline listening for subscribers who are ‘Premium Plus’, which allows for an access during a flight or at time when a connection is not available.

It is also important to note that Deezer’s talk radio content and podcast is now available in Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Germany for the first time ever. Sweden, France, and the UK have been on to talk radio content and podcast since May – when they were added to this service. Although there isn’t any word on its availability on Stateside yet. In case you are an Elite or a Premium Plus subscriber in those regions, you should be in a position to see the new contents (talk radio and podcast) and features show up as early as now.

Deezer has been carrying out huge improvements on the features and contents that it provides. This has not only seen a tremendous increase in the content but also a well improved features. Users can now listen the podcasts and talk radio shows without an internet connection or when offline. Whereas this option is only available for the Premium Plus and Elite members (subscribers), podcast fanatics can now enjoy what they like when taking flights or when in locations that have got no internet connection. Other notable improvements include the ability of sharing the content.

Deezer Premium Plus

Lastly, the location where these services are available have also been increased. As mentioned before subscribers who are Premium Plus and above can now access the contents as early as now while enjoying the improved features.

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