French retailer Fnac proclaims strategic collaboration with Deezer

French retailer Fnac proclaims strategic collaboration with Deezer

The French entertainment retailer Fnac has proclaimed a “strategic collaboration” with the streaming service provider Deezer, which is good news for everyone. Well, it just gives one notion that Deezer still exists, so in this way, it is good news. Ok, but who would not like good news?

By this deal, Fnaz is expected to slow down its very own digital music services and instead of marketing the Deezer for its users, and to the customers of the user electronics service Darty, which it gained in 2016. Deezer, during this, will promote the Fnac’s ticket service to its customers, and the two companies will work hand-in-hand on the promotional activities which will occur in France.

At one point French company Deezer was looked like the major opponent to Spotify in the onboard streaming business, obviously in Europe. However, in the near past, Spotify has expanded to a much bigger level regarding its user base, while Apple music system has rapidly overcome Deezer and gained the rank of the second main music streamer. Meanwhile, Deezer endured the shame of having the premature IPO halfway by the process, but only after the explicit specs of its user base.

However, Deezer may still be considered among the top five companies being paid for streaming business, and stays an important player of the French streaming game especially. Its main supporter nowadays is the Warner Music. The Fnac deal has not any equity, although the retailer group – 15% of the total which is purchased by the Universal Music in past year – it may take the position of equity in the streaming business down the line.

Making the confirmation of the strategic collaboration, the CEO of Fnac Darty, Alexandre Bompard stated that his company is proud to declare this exclusive deal, which exhibits the strategic mark for Fnac. Deezer is the perfect partner within the field of the digital music streaming corporation. Also, Fnac has worked hard to make its users that this deal will be advantageous for the users and will raise the growth of both partners.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Deezer Alexis de Gemini said that this deal is remarkable and great news for both firms, for the market players and also for the music lovers everywhere. The company is excited because the number one streaming company of France is to unite the actual music expertise with the market leader for working together on the cultural and technological products.

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