Get Free 15-Day Trial of the Deezer Premium Version

Get Free 15-Day Trial of the Deezer Premium Version

When the user downloads the Deezer app on their phone for the first time, he/she gets a free 15 day trial of the premium version, which is not free otherwise. The paid version removes advertisements from the screen, it enhances the audio quality of the song. The normal MP3 standard of music sharing is replaced by high definition audio, which means that the original audio source is captured without any losses and at a high bitrate: 1,411 kbps compared to 320 kbps for MP3.

The paid version of the app allows the user to sync music offline so that he/she can hear the songs even when there is no internet connection present, and if the user does not like any particular song, the paid app gives him/her the ability to skip as many radio tracks as he/she would like. Deezer app is available on Android Autos and Apple Carplay, which means the albums and playlists can be accessed straight from the dashboard of the car.

Deezer has released apps for Apple Watch, which gives the user the ability to control the songs straight from his/her wrist. A music lover would definitely look forward to using this app to listen to music as this gives the user the ability to listen to music of superior quality.

The Deezer app mixes expert knowledge of the editors present in Deezer with smart algorithms to come up with music recommendations that is personalized to your taste. Deezer has both a free version and a paid version. The free version of the Deezer app, known as Flow, will give the user access to the vast library of music, but advertisements will be present on the music playing screen.

Nevertheless, the free version will let the user enjoy all the playlists that he/she may create without any restrictions, and it will also suggest playlists that the user might enjoy based on the listening patterns. The user has the ability to search for the songs by searching for the name of the artist that sang the particular song. The user can also get the lyrics to their favorite song.


When you first download the app on your phone you get 15 day free trial without having to add any payment details. Those 15 days cancel automatically and nothing will be charged at the end.

For a 30 day Free trial, you need to enter your payment details here: and that will auto-renewal at the end of the 30 days unless you cancel.


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