Look for your Much Loved Songs and Locate Saved Music Easily

Look for your Much Loved Songs and Locate Saved Music Easily

Search for your favorite songs from more than 2,000 record labels like the Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony, EMI, and other small autonomous as well as specialty labels with Deezer precision search tool. Searching for the tracks you love is easy with this tool.  Search out amped and a bigger catalog means that you will have more music to love.

Locate Saved Music Easily

Right from the main screen, you can access all of your favorites, MP3s, artists, albums and playlists. You can also find the music you want to hear most quickly.

Browse to Find New Favorites

Deezer app helps you discover new songs in almost any music style, which gives you the choice of browsing by country of origin and genre.

Generate Playlists

Come up with custom playlists fast and edit them easily making use of Deezer’s insightful app.

Go with the Flow

Flow is personalized radio made by you and for you. When the Deezer proprietary algorithm looks at your earlier listening history, it will then play only those songs you are probably like to enjoy.

Explore Radio

You can explore radio as there is literally a channel for almost every occasion, with over 30,000 radio channels to explore and try. Play radio channels by your own playlists, genre, or artist.

Hear This!

There is nothing that will excite you like finding new group or song to be passionate about, if music is your true love. Deezer is like a suggestion engine, your personal music matchmaker that brings together your listening preferences.


Deezer app gives you the opportunity of sharing your new songs with all your friends, once you find them, since Deezer is incorporated into your social media accounts.

Want to try Deezer?

First get the Deezer FREE trial!

However, you must first become a Cricket customer to get Deezer trial and if you are already a Cricket customer, check out the free trial information for existing customers.

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